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When will society face up to its double standards?

The Examiner

Richard L. Thompson, Buckner

To the editor:

Have you noticed our society seems to be consistently inconsistent?

Last summer Black Lives Matter protested in a number of cities over the fact that innocent black lives were being taken by people (police) authorized to use deadly force.

I don’t see BLM protesting, rioting or occupying clinics where innocent black lives are being taken by people also authorized to use deadly force. It is called abortion, and it is legal.

A woman may choose life or death for her unborn fetus because of the 1973 Ro v. Wade decision, but she can’t choose to have her own life taken through state assisted suicide.

The alarming murder rate in Kansas City and Jackson County is blamed on guns, but isn’t it really about choice? Someone chooses to use deadly force to take the life of another, and if it is a woman with child, it is considered a double homicide. It is called murder, and it is illegal.

While our ability to be consistently inconsistent has become acceptable behavior justified by law. I can only see it as justified indulgence of unacceptable behavior seeking its place in our society.

Life is all about choices, good or bad, and society gets to consistently deal with the inconsistent.