Say yes to Independence school improvements

The Examiner

Marvin Sands, Independence

To the editor:

The Independence, Missouri School District is embarking on an ambitious but necessary project to upgrade many of its elementary schools and other school improvements as well. This project will be a $43 million no-tax-increase bond issue that will, if passed by the voters, fund the entire purpose as outlined in the bond issue.

To begin with those schools that currently do not have the kind of security entrances necessary to protect the schools will have a vestibule with double-door security to protect the students and the staff who use those schools daily.

Performing arts will be another facet that will see greatly improved auditorium, choir, band and orchestra rooms.

The project will also include playground improvements that will enhance the playgrounds and make them safer to use with all-weather surfacing.

And finally there will be physical improvements with better windows, classroom improvements, HVAC improvements, asphalt, concrete and roof repairs and field and parking lot lighting for better lighting and security enhancements.

Yes, an ambitious but quite necessary project that will greatly improve our schools for all our students, staff and others who use our schools now and into the future.

The city of Independence, Missouri is a great city in which to live, grow and raise our youth. It is only a great city because we have a great school system led by capable teachers and administrators. If we as residents want this kind of quality to continue then we as citizens will need to continue to support the kind of issues necessary to keep our school system at the very top.

As citizens we all will have the opportunity to do this by voting for this no tax increase bond issue that will appear on the April 6 ballot.