New school playgrounds and so much more on the ballot

The Examiner

Tiffani and Ellie Wedgeworth, Independence

To the editor:

Hello, my name is Ellie and I am in first grade in the Independence School District. I’m writing this letter to please ask you to vote YES on April 6. If you vote yes and this bond passes I get a new playground. I know my friends and I would like to have a new area to play on and we really need one. My mom also told me that there are some other big changes that would help the schools. So please vote yes for me, my teachers and my friends.

Thank you – Ellie.

Hello, I’m Ellie’s mom Tiffani, and our family proudly supports this bond issue. We’re asking you to please vote YES on April 6. I have been blessed to live in Independence for 32 years and feel so thankful to be a part of this community. When someone asks why did you stay in Independence all these years, I always have the same response – it all feels like family. The Independence School District continues to feel like family year after year.

This $43 million no-tax-increase bond will impact all kids in the Independence School District. This bond will give all necessary elementary schools new playground equipment. It will provide new secure entrances into the buildings to ensure better safety for our children and staff. It will also include remodeling for the performing arts spaces for middle and high school students, new HVAC systems and facility improvements where needed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we as a family are asking you to please vote yes on April 6 for this no tax increase bond issue. This will allow our school district to continue to educate and build great young adults for our community and our future.