Two Fort Osage ballot issues deserve voters' support

The Examiner

Jim Jamis, chairman, Yes Yes Committee

To the editor:

I am writing as the chairman of the Yes Yes Committee as well as a father and husband with a vested interest in the no-tax-increase bond and levy vote April 6. Our family has lived in the Fort Osage School District for nearly 10 years. We moved here because of the wonderful community and the way the schools felt like family. By voting yes for both questions we’d help continue the district’s commitment to maintain the highest academic programs and facilities while not increasing taxes to do so.

I personally believe that Question 1 should be a yes vote from everyone in the community. We can all see the shortcomings of our facilities. and it’s embarrassing. All aspects of the proposal are in desperate need of upgrades or improvements. Change is desperately needed from the poor traffic flow on campus, to students sitting on the ground during assemblies, to our administration building being a terribly outdated structure and many other issues that will be amended with a Yes vote.

A yes vote on Question 2 should be a no-brainer. It merely allows the district to transfer money from its debt service to fund its operational fund. I would allow the district more flexibility to maintain programs, resources and staff by not having to fund infrastructure improvements out of the current budget.

I am obviously very passionate about this vote but I believe we all should be. This doesn’t just affect our schools and our community; it affects our property values. I want my house in my community to be a good investment.

If you are so kind as to vote Yes Yes on April 6 for the no-tax-increase bond and levy, then next time you see a child, give them a fist bump and let them know you supported them and their education.