A yes vote on April 6 means a lot for Independence schools

The Examiner

Ron Clemons, former journalism adviser, Truman High School, Independence

To the editor:

As a long-time educator in the Independence School District, I am really excited about the many positive changes the new bond issue will bring to our students and patrons. The bond will ensure that all schools in the district have equal facilities.

Why am I excited? With the passage of the bond, ALL schools will have secure entries – a MUST in today’s world. Another safety assurance will be upgraded playground equipment at our elementary school, much of which has never been replaced.

Still more excitement: Renovation of the performing arts centers in our middle and high schools. Architectural drawings of the auditoriums in all three high schools show the upgrades will enhance performances, not only for students but also for patrons. Again, most of these have not been improved since they were built. Adding new sports spaces at all three high schools will allow for after-school practice without students needing to travel, again adding to the safety of our students.

I applaud the district administrators who work hard to make sure all schools have equal facilities. They understand the fairness of providing the same opportunities for all students. Thus, I urge you to vote yes on April 6. This is a must-win for everyone.