A yes vote on April 6 helps Independence students

The Examiner

Don Claphan, Independence

To the editor:

I have lived and worked in this community for almost 19 years and am impressed with the Independence School District’s commitment to serving students and families and doing what is in the best interest of kids. I appreciate that service as I have come to know many parents and students in my role as the executive pastor at East Side Church.

I joined the ISD Vote Yes committee because I believe in the projects set forth in the bond. The focus of those projects is safety and security, playgrounds and fine arts.

My wife works for the Independence School District, where she started as registrar for Truman High School. The safety she felt in the school was much greater when Truman was able to get the secure entrance where each individual now has to go through a double-secure vestibule and check-in prior to entering the school.

The bond and your yes vote would ensure all ISD schools have this important safety feature.

In addition to safety, the focus on performing arts for our young people is essential. This will provide students facilities to excel in their work in band, choir, orchestra and theater.

Voting Yes for this bond will provide needed improvements to our already top-notch district. I hope you will make it a priority to head to the polls on April 6 to vote yes for our kids and our community.