School upgrades on the ballot are good for the community

The Examiner

Aimee Bolt, past PTA president, Independence 

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage you to vote YES on the April 6 bond issue. From the moment my children began attending the Independence School District in 2009, I have been amazed by the dedication this district has for its families and students.

I quickly became involved in the Parent Teacher Association at the school and district level and have been involved for more than a decade. Many PTA meetings have been spent discussing ways to better improve playground equipment at elementary schools to ensure safety while our children run out their energy. The $43 million no-tax increase bond will upgrade the playground equipment at the elementary schools in addition to many other initiatives.

This bond issue ensures that every school in the district has a vestibule with a double-door secure entrance. This remodel is key in helping parents feel their children are safe and secure while at school.

Additionally, the bond would allow middle schools and high schools to receive auditorium, choir, band and orchestra upgrades and improvements. Other facility enhancements include classroom renovations, asphalt and concrete repairs, HVAC maintenance, roof repairs, window replacement and field and parking lot lighting. Bond projects also include tennis courts and a softball field at Truman and William Chrisman and stadium seating at Van Horn High School. This will allow student athletes to practice and compete on their campuses.

As I review the renovations encompassed by this bond issue, I commend the administration for including upgrades that will impact all kids within the district, no matter their grade level. The Independence School District continues to show its commitment and dedication to students and families like mine. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I encourage you to get out and vote yes on April 6!