Independence schools deserve the voters' support

The Examiner

Don Coffman, former coach at Truman High School and supervisor of athletics, Independence School District

To the editor:

As a long-time educator, 34 years, in the Independence School District, I am excited about the many positive changes the new bond issue will provide, especially in the area of athletics and the performing arts facilities. The bond additions will allow more student-athletes to practice and compete on their home fields. In addition to being a competitive advantage, it also helps in the classroom as students miss less classroom time and it saves taxpayer dollars in bus transportation.

This bond will also provide much needed renovations of the performing arts centers in our middle schools and high schools. Most of these have not been renovated since they were built and will be a welcome improvement for students and staff alike.

This bond will also ensure that all schools in the Independence School District will have safe entries. In our current times, I believe this is a critical need to keep our students and staff safe. Another safety assurance will be upgraded playground equipment at our elementary schools, much of which is outdated and in need of repair and replacement.

I support the district administrators who work so hard to make sure all schools have equal and up-to-date facilities. The teachers and administrators work tirelessly to serve the kids in our community and have taken on even more this school year. They deserve our support with a YES vote. They have been and will continue to be great custodians of the district funds.

Thus, I urge you to vote “YES” on April 6 “no tax increase” bond. This is a big win for all of us, especially the students who deserve our support!