Column on cancel culture was dead on

The Examiner

Reggie Bowerman, Independence 

To the editor:

Hello Annie. I'm your relatively new neighbor in Independence. Moved (back) here last year after 20 years in Minnesota. I discovered your column in The Examiner, thoroughly enjoy them and eagerly await each new one. Boy, did you nail it with on cancel culture! (Annie Dear's column, March 26, "What will get canceled next?")  And I fear you could be right that it might be your last with the paper?! Bound to upset a few teacups, but you speak for me and many others. 

Thank you for your regular doses of common sense, humor and rational social commentary. Please keep it up and know that I and countless others support you, think like you, and enjoy a reminder that all is not completely wacky out there! Now I'm not much for podcasts, social media, etc, but if you do get the heave-ho, let me know where else I can read you because I will surely follow! 

What will get canceled next?