Examiner wrong to promote privilege, exclusion

The Examiner

Carolyn Hanes 

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the March 26 "The Independent Aussie" column ("What will get canceled next?"). I am truly astounded that you printed this particular column. It has Fox News written all over it. Annie is way off base on this one.

What will get canceled next?

She in one breath is condemning folks (obviously brown or black skinned) for "deciding to live their lives as potential victims" and then goes on to portray herself as a potential victim by virtue of her race. She writes that she is judged a white supremacist just because she happens to be white, female and Christian. Gee, did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Annie?

She goes on to ask "When did our way of life become so intolerable you are condoning the cancellation of our culture?" I wonder whose culture she's referring to? She is obviously offended by the fact that a good portion of our society has gotten tired of hanging out on the lowest rung of the ladder. She probably doesn't believe in white privilege. Well, welcome to the New World, Annie. The one that recognizes everyone as a member of our society – black, white, transgender, gay, atheist, etc...It must be nice to have such a public platform from which to spew your white, Christian, conservative agenda. I've been reading this paper for 50 years. Not sure I'll be reading it much longer.