Republicans ignore the law and the will of the voters

The Examiner

Martha Hamm, Independence 

To the editor: 

The Republican Party has lost its way. There used to be a reputation for integrity and honesty affiliated with the party. Now candidates who openly flout the laws of our country are promoted for office. Stealing from an organization established for our veterans is one candidate’s background. Openly violating his oath of office to uphold our nation’s Constitution is another representative’s. 

This lack of respect for the law is mirrored in the state Legislature by its refusal to respect the vote of the people. We voted in expanding Medicaid, and the legislators just ignore our vote. We voted for a “Clean Missouri” ballot issue, and the Legislature just put on a fake ballot issue that nullified our intentions. These are just a few samples. 

What has happened to the Republican Party? When did the will of the people become irrelevant to the party?