Letter: Why do Congress and the public follow an idol?

The Examiner

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove 

To the editor: 

I just heard that the previous attorney general under the last president secretly got the information on a CNN Pentagon reporter! Not exactly patriotic, I would say. No one knew about it. I think this last president’s agenda smells a lot like communism. 

I ask, when are the American people going to wake up to what is happening right in front of their eyes? The second question I ask: After you wake up, “What are you going to do about it?” 

I think most people know what’s going on because just think back how our military fought off communism and many gave their lives so we would have freedom. Do you think the U.S. Congress is perhaps trying to ignore that fact just to praise their idol? This idol they are praising will take them down by taking them for fools and laughing and making fun behind their backs of the U.S. Congress who praise him. 

I also want to make a comment on the Missouri Legislature. Get your act together as you will not get by with the illegal act to take away our vote for Medicaid expansion.