Do your part: Get the jab

The Examiner

Just a reminder: If you haven’t gotten your COVID-19 vaccination yet, now is the time. 

The shots are free. The taxpayers paid for this up front when the government a year ago gave billions to pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce the vaccines. 

The country has made substantial progress against the pandemic, but this is no time to fumble on the five-yard line. The president has set of goal of 70 percent of Americans being vaccinated by July 4, but it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll get there. 

Jackson County is way behind on this. As of Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the county’s vaccination rate at just 35 percent. Even among the county’s population that’s 12 and older – those for whom the vaccines have been approved – that figure rises to just 41.5 percent. 

Communities have chosen to drop other health measures as more people are vaccinated, but people are still getting sick and still dying, and new COVID variants circling the globe are wicked wild cards. We need to do what we can. That means more vaccinations to have less disease.  

Vaccines are abundantly available, and they are going wanting. Both of those statements would have been astounding just six months ago. Vaccinated people are essentially free to do normal things safely – the variants notwithstanding – according to the CDC.  

Protect yourself and those around you. Get the vax.