Biden is a failure so far

The Examiner

Barbara Bender, Independence

To the editor:

The Biden administration's second 100 days:

* Emails show the teachers union had an influence over the CDC. This politically motivated the refusal to open the schools, showing over time that "virtual learning" is a failure who's input has emotionally, academically as well as socially harmed children.

• The Department of Justice has removed restrictions on the sanctuary cities – a move to ensure Democratic votes but one sure to endanger the economic stability of these cities struggling to recover from the pandemic. Now they'll have to provide housing, food and medical attention to the undocumented immigrants.

• The billions marked for infrastructure show only 6 percent going toward bridges and roads while electric cars, climate-control issues as well as poverty-ridden cities get more.

* The disgraceful media's attack on Guiliani that had The Times, Washington Post and retract their false statements.

There's so much more, but enough for now.

God bless and help us.