Ask Independence voters if extreme fireworks ‘shows’ should be banned

The Examiner

Karl David Guthrie Jr., Independence 

To the editor: 

To the attention of Mayor Eileen Weir and City Council Member Dan Hobart: 

I live in the Fourth district on Overton Avenue. I have owned my home since December 2012. 

I posted this on Facebook Monday morning but am sending this to you as you may be the only people able to alleviate this issue.  

Can't wait for the so-called “fireworks'” to be over. I live in a war zone. From 25th and Overton to Hawthorne five hours of nonstop bombing. My wife and self can't take it much more. Running out of nitro pills myself. My pets either curl up in balls on the bed or go nuts with every loud bomb. This is NOT entertainment. There are places in the area to view fireworks displays just not out my bedroom window! Just sayin’. 

I and my wife are both in our 70s and not in very good health. The renter nearby began about 8 p.m. with his fireworks display. He had several friends over till around midnight. From the time it started till it ended there were waves of booms, some of which literally shook our windows. I know that you alone cannot “fix” the problem, but uou are the only ones in Independence government that I can vote for or against. 

The renter told me he buys his fireworks from a “firehouse” that makes extra loud ones. As for the “artillery” from the corner of 25th street and Hawthorne it went on like forever. I could see it from my bedroom window and it was every bit as big as they shoot at Kauffman Stadium or Worlds of Fun or Disney World, all of which I have viewed in the past. 

There comes a time that cities have to make a stand against these displays. Setting off fountains and Roman candles plus strings of Black Cat firecrackers pale in comparison to these “events.” 

These “events” within 100 feet of my bedroom window are dangerous! If something goes wrong and they land on my roof and start a fire it'll be too late. Professional events carry liability insurance and keep the viewers a safe distance away. These “idiots” next door and half a block away are neither professional nor carry insurance.   

Put it on a ballot for the voting citizens to make a choice whether they want this or not. Pass an ordinance banning these extreme displays in neighborhoods. Make it illegal to put on these extreme displays without a permit from the city. 

There are a lot of citizens that feel like I do. Voting citizens. Elections are coming up. Remember.