Idols prove false, and our democracy suffers

The Examiner

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove  

To the editor: 

Well, here we go again with the lies about OOH “how the election was stolen from me!!” When will this little guy stop crying and kicking his feet and spewing lies? He will continue as long as he can keep people believing him. But do they really and truly believe him, or are they just bored? I will suggest maybe they get some real nice music to listen to … maybe some gospels, country music, jazz or big bands.  

The more praise their idol receives, the more dangerous he becomes. Remember the mob that invaded the people’s United States Capitol, not to tour, not to be in awe of their capitol, but to kill and maim our wonderful police officers and anyone else who stood in their way. So perhaps these state capitals better be prepared to handle any mob that might be in the mood to maim and kill, and the same goes for the United States Capitol just because the praising of the idol makes him really believe he will be president again in August! 

The people who believe and praise their idol will be the blame for what he might do. 

We can only hope people will come to their senses before we could lose our democracy. Then they will be ordered to lick the floor after their idol walked on it. These arejust the facts.