Make your voice heard on proposed Sugar Creek quarry

The Examiner

Paul Marsh 

To the editor: 

In our increasingly fractured world, is there anything people can agree on? Turns out, there is. 

On the night of Aug. 26, a zoning meeting regarding a proposed strip mine in Sugar Creek was attended by over 100 people as well as additional Zoom participants. After the mining company presented some brief information about the proposed strip mining, 30 individuals spent the next two hours sharing their questions, concerns and opposition to the mine. These included miners, construction workers, developers, environmental scientists, stay-at-home moms, teachers, farmers, grandparents, and a host of others. Some were conservative Christians, while other were there to support environmental justice. 

Despite the group’s diverse makeup and the different thoughts each person shared, every single citizen who rose to speak agreed that they were opposed to the mine and the proposed zoning change that would allow it to proceed. When the general public can’t seem to agree on politics, religion, vaccines, or even their favorite football team, maybe the fact that there was such a strong, united stand against the proposed project should show us just how important this issue is. 

How can your voice be heard? Sign the petition and comment at https://www.change.org/p/jc-chuck-mikulich-stop-the-atherton-quarry-save-sugar-creek, 

Or follow the community on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/STOP-the-Atherton-Quarry-106287251760231 

Sugar Creek residents, please reach out to the mayor and aldermen:  

• Mike Larson – mlarson@sugar-creek.mo.us 

• Chuck Mikulich – cmikulich@sugar-creek.mo.us); 

• Christopher Steffen – csteffen@sugar-creek.mo.us) 

• Robert Ray – rray@sugar-creek.mo.us) 

• Joi Hazelrigg – jhazelrigg@sugar-creek.mo.us).