Restaurant staff have an obligation to help keep diners safe

The Examiner

Autumn Stump, student, RN  

To the editor: 

Many are making a big deal about Rae’s Cafe and the patrons’ right to wear or not wear a mask but I feel as though many are missing the point.   

The larger problem is that the staff has been refusing to wear a mask and the restaurant has been cited many times for this. The fact that this had to go this far is ridiculous. The Environmental Protection Agency has studies that show wearing a mask is effective 26 to 80% of the time depending on the type of mask and the seal. 

The country and cities are just trying to keep citizens safe by trying to enforce this rule. It is sad that it cannot be followed. I would think this would be costing the owner more money to be completely shut down than to just enforce the rule.   

Rae’s Cafe now has to fight to get its permit back. Like anyone else, it is much nicer to not wear a mask, but a law is a law. 

The main point of this article is to bring about is not the patrons who are congratulating Rae’s owner on fighting the law but the employees who re refusing to protect their patrons. I would think that as a cafe owner, she would want her clients to be safe and well to continue to come eat at her establishment and that her employees would want the same so they get paid.  

Thank you for quickly reporting information like this to the public so we have the most up to date information possible.