Send a message: Those perpetuating the big lie must go

The Examiner

Judy Wanager, Oak Grove  

To the editor: 

I am calling on the band of voters to help teach these pitiful Republicans who continue to spread lies about the election being stolen from the previous president. This is not true and they know it. 

Ask yourself: Why would a true American say these ignorant things? These people are maybe in Congress to overthrow the United States government? If that’s the case perhaps they should be taught a lesson by voting them out or, next thing, “impeachment” as they have already broken their oaths to the United States Constitution and to the people. 

The mob that broke into the capitol on Jan. 6, anyone in Congress who helped them break into the people’s house and those who cheered them on will be punished. 

That capitol belongs to me and you. I didn’t give them permission. Did you?