Retired officer urges a yes vote on Question 2

The Examiner

Bob Sorensen, Oak Grove  

To the editor: 

I am a retired police officer of the city of Independence (1973-2009). On Nov. 2, you will have the opportunity to vote “yes” on question 2. 

Question 2 is in reference to Proposition P funds and is at no cost to the citizens of Independence. If it passes, it will free up money already collected to use for hiring and retention of police officers. It also protects the hiring of the 30 additional officers that was promised in Proposition P. It provides funding to keep your police department competitive with other departments. 

I believe the citizens of Independence want to fund their police department and not defund it. This is an opportunity for the citizens of Independence to participate in keeping their community safer and protected. 

Vote yes on Question 2. Support your police and your city. Again, there is no cost, just changing the allocations of funds already collected from Proposition P.