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Cross the bridge to a brighter day in a better America

Ernest Henning, Kansas City

To the editor:

Millions shared the emotional experience of John Lewis’s ceremonial service in the Capitol Rotunda. His message was powerful. Let’s hope our temporary emotions will translate to permanent truth to benefit our nation.

Let’s join John Lewis in crossing that bridge in Selma. Our crossing now will be much easier than his in 1965. Let the “Conscience of Congress” now become the Conscience of America.

Jackson County does not need more of Mike Sharp

Brice A. Stewart, Independence City Council Member

To the editor:

Mike Sharp disgraced his badge when he was in office and now, he wants his old job back as Jackson County Sheriff.

On Tuesday we will be heading to our polling locations. One of the questions that will be answered is who the Jackson County sheriff will be for the next four years. Since a Republican candidate is not in the race, the election will be decided in the primary election.

Former Sheriff Sharp resigned two years ago because of an ongoing relationship with a subordinate employee.

According to media reports, Sharp admitted he gave her multiple pay raises and promotions and took the employee on personal and professional trips that he and the taxpayers paid for.

This employee became the highest paid civilian at the Sheriff’s Office with perks that included a $240 a month car allowance and allowing her to work from home.

I worked in the Sheriff’s Office during a portion of Mike Sharp’s tenure as sheriff, and I assure you there is a lot of negative information that has never been reported on. He created a hostile and backstabbing work environment that the current administration is still trying to overcome.

I realize that some people may take issue with the way Sheriff Forte left the Kansas City Police Department and the agreement he had with the Board of Police Commissioners as it related to his compensatory time.

I also realize that some people may not like some of his current comments on social justice issues.

With all of this said, I believe Darryl Forte is the right person to continue leading the Sheriff’s Office into the future.

I implore anyone reading this not to vote for Mike Sharp!

Note: Brice A. Stewart ran against Mike Sharp for the office of sheriff in a previous election.

Independence must end its unjustifiable ban on pit bills

Michelle Etherton, Independence

To the editor:

Hellow, my name is Michelle Etherton and I live in Independence, Missouri which has, since 2006, had a pit bull ban that is ineffective and misguided.

I am calling on the Independence City Council to repeal this pit bull ban. This option is far less expensive than holding a referendum, and repealing the ban will help overcrowded shelters, save many animal lives, and restore our freedom to choose our family pets without restrictions.

This ban unnecessarily targets many friendly, adoptable dogs, and alienates responsible dog owners. In a 2018 independent poll, over half of Missouri voters said they would not spend their money in a city that overreached by controlling the type of dog that residents could own.

Furthermore, how do we even determine what dog has pit bull in it – and who gets to determine that? This ban often means that innocent animals who may even resemble pit bull qualities can be isolated and euthanized.

Please join me in asking our City Council to repeal Independence’s pit bull ban as soon as possible, and give a second chance to the sweet, unlucky pit bull mixes waiting in shelters for their forever homes.