Letter: Mistaken use of political labels is not helpful

Staff Writer
The Examiner

Christine Rinck

To the editor:

Socialism v. communism. Luke Davis (The Examiner, Aug. 12, “Can investors catch the blue wave?” makes the comment “... in a socialist system, other factors such as how connected they are to government leaders, what the demographic makeup of the company is, and where they fall on the ideological spectrum all become just as important to their success as their ability to build a better mousetrap.” Mr. Davis confuses socialism with communism.

Germany is a socialist state. All his views on the socialist system are incorrect for socialized systems such as those in Germany and the rest of Europe. Their exports far exceed their imports. Here our imports far exceed our exports. They make more products that sell worldwide than we do, considering size. Germany has been able to maintain a vibrant manufacturing system that is able to compete on the world market. This is a sign of the innovativeness and the productivity of their people living under a socialized system.

What Germany does have is a socialized system. Day care is on a sliding scale, not as it is in this country where poor people pay as much as the rich (many $1,000 per month). The university is paid for. No student loans like here. Unions cover 90% of jobs whereas here it is only 10%. The difference between the CEO’s salary and that of workers is almost double here compared with Germany. Their medical system is low cost and excellent. Not like the large co-pays for those who have insurance, let alone the lack of insurance for many. They care for their elderly even more than we do (e.g. through their Social Security system, lower housing costs, and other perks).

Another difference, through investments and power, is that in strictly capitalistic countries, the rich have more money than the poor. In the United States a few rich people at the top (U.S. top 1%) hold more money than the bottom 80%. In this election year, people should understand what a socialized system is and isn’t before they vote against someone because they have been labeled a “socialist.”