Grain Valley's Jacob Misiorowski still confident in MLB draft status after two lost seasons

By Bill Althaus
The Examiner
Pitcher Jacob Misiorowski missed out on his senior high school season at Grain Valley because of the COVID-19 pandemic and then injured his knee in his first time throwing for Crowder College. The setbacks cost him a chance to go in the MLB Draft the last two years, but he remains optimistic that his chances of being drafted are not done yet.

When the Grain Valley High School baseball team advanced to the Class 5 state final four, one of their most ardent supporters was a young man who was robbed of that opportunity in 2020. 

Jacob Misiorowski, who was going to be the senior ace of a state contender in the spring of 2020, missed out on the opportunity to play baseball, alongside his Eagle teammates, because of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. 

“We knew we had a great team back in 2020 because we had so many guys who had played together for eight to 10 years. We'd been teammates and friends forever,” said Misiorowski, who was The Examiner's 2019 Baseball Player of the Year as a sophomore after going 9-2 with a 1.48 ERA, 67 strikeouts and a pair of no-hitters. 

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Many of the standouts on the 2021 team, that finished second at state, were backups to the 2020 starters, and their success caught some fans off guard. 

But not Misiorowski. 

“I knew this year’s team was going to be great, I could see it last year,” said Misiorowski, who committed to Oklahoma State University as a sophomore at Grain Valley but then went to Crowder College to enhance his chances in this year’s Major League Baseball Draft.

Jacob Misiorowski

“Parker (Bosserman) started last year (at shortstop) and everyone knew Cole (Keller, who shared The Examiner’s Player of the Year with Bosserman) was going to have a monster year. And all the guys had great seasons and got the job done. And I was so happy for them.” 

While Misiorowski was hoping to be selected in the early rounds of the 2020 MLB Draft – he was ranked No. 160 overall by Major League Baseball scouting services – missing out on his senior high school season created some problems because scouts were not able to watch the 6-foot-7 right-hander throw. 

He chose to pitch for Crowder, a junior college, so he would be able to be a part of this year’s draft. But the first time he pitched, his plant leg locked up on him and he found out he had torn his meniscus. So, he had to watch from the bench as the Roughriders went 55-8 and finished one win away from the championship game of the NJCAA World Series. 

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Still sidelined: Misiorowski's promising future put on hold by coronavirus

“Last year no spring baseball and this year a torn meniscus,” Misiorowski said. “But I’m not looking at it as a setback. I worked hard rehabbing the knee and I feel great now. 

“I had a bunch of little tears that resulted in the tear over time. My surgeon told me I was lucky. With about five percent more of a tear, my career would have been over. 

“So I got real serious about rehabbing it and I did a lot of stretching to make sure I didn’t lose any mobility. I didn’t want – and the doctor didn’t want – scar tissue build-up, and it feels good right now.” 

Grain Valley graduate Jacob Misiorowski missed most of his last two seasons – and his chance to go in the MLB Draft – because of the pandemic and an injury.

While he was not selected in this year’s draft because of the injury, he has not lost his faith or confidence in his status as a top prospect. 

“We still talk to a few schools, and I’m only one year out of high school,” he said. “I hope to have a good year at Crowder and get drafted next year. 

“Or, I go to a Division I school, like I had intended all along, and see what happens. I know my parents will be happy the more education I get, so I see it as a win-win situation.”