Teen fatherhood a ‘blessing’

Bill Althaus
William Chrisman High School graduate Marcus Wigfall holds his daughter, Kyndalyn Wigfall, at Rotary Park in Independence. He and his girlfriend Aiyana Miller are raising the child and currently living with Miller's mother and grandmother as Wigfall prepares for his first season of college football at Avila University.

Early in the fall of 2019, William Chrisman three-sport standout Marcus Wigfall believed his 100-yard kickoff return in the season opener against Blue Springs would likely be his personal highlight.

Then came Dec. 12, when his daughter Kyndalyn was born at St. Luke’s East Hospital in Lee’s Summit.

“That changed everything, it changed my world, made it a better place,” said Wigfall, who recently signed to play football at Avila University. “She was a surprise; we weren’t expecting to have a child in our teens, but she means the world to me and Aiyana.”

Aiyana Miller is Wigfall’s 17-year-old girlfriend, who is taking online classes in hopes of walking with her 2021 graduating class from William High School.

“We weren’t planning on a baby, we are so young,” Miller said, as she looked at Kyndalyn grab hold of Marcus’ face in a loving hug. “But I told myself, when I found out I was pregnant, that I was going to have this baby and we were going to raise her together.”

Wigfall nodded in agreement, as he gave Kyndayln a kiss on her forehead.

“It was scary, real scary, for both of us,” he said, “but she has been such a blessing. She makes me smile some new way every day.”

Suddenly, the game-securing free throws or big offensive drives didn’t seem so pressure-packed for the young man who earned 11 varsity letters in football, basketball and track and field.

His daughter made it so much easier to come home after a tough loss, or made a postgame celebration that much more special following one of the best basketball seasons in Chrisman history.

“I knew she and Aiyana would be there and they wouldn’t care if I won or lost – they would just be happy to see me,” he said, grinning.

There were a lot more smiles his senior year than Wigfall could imagine before Kyndalyn arrived.

“I had so many people on my side,” said Wigfall, a member of the high school’s student government association. “Our STUCO sponsors, Mrs. (Desirae) Harrison and Mrs. (Lauren) Brandmuller, all my coaches and Mr. (Greg) McGhee, our activities director.

“They helped so much and made it a lot less scary for me and Aiyana.”

McGhee and his secretary, Christy Playter, were the first two visitors to Marcus and Aiyana following the birth of Kyndalyn.

“It just kind of happened,” McGhee said, grinning. “I know what hospital food can be like, so I called Marcus to see if he wanted something to eat. He said he wanted Chick-fil-A, so we brought him a sandwich and saw their baby.

“She’s a beauty, and this story is showing how two high school kids are making the best of what Marcus called a ‘scary situation.’ And now, it is a great situation as they are loving parents with a lot of things to face – like Marcus going to college.

“But I know everyone in the Chrisman family will help them out. All I want to do – and all anyone wants to do – is support all three of them any way we can.”

Wigfall hopes to save enough money to get a small apartment near the Avila campus in Kansas City.

“Right now, it’s a pretty long drive and it would be great to live closer to school with Aiyana and our little girl,” Wigfall said. “We didn’t see this happening, but she has turned out to be the best thing in our lives.

“She’s our little girl and we’re always going to love her and do all we can for her.”