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Community Unity Week: CSL in Blue Springs needs our help more than ever

By Sydney Clark
Blue Springs Student Senate President

This is one of the most exciting weeks of the year, but this year it just means more.

Every year – no matter if you are a Wildcat or a Jaguar – everyone comes together with one common goal: to serve. It’s a city-wide event that is topped off with a football game under the lights against longtime rivals, Blue Springs vs. Blue Springs South. But this week is more than a football game.

The entire student body, staff and community work together to raise money and nonperishable food items to donate to the Community Services League office right here in Blue Springs. CSL provides essential needs for families and students in our community. This weeklong food drive is dedicated to raising as many goods as we can for the local pantry. But what isn't always seen behind the scenes is all the hard work Student Senate puts into organizing and raising goods and funds.

Student Senate learned that during these tough times, CSL is helping four times its regular amount of families. We knew that we had to work harder than previous years. Following social distancing procedures, each senator called local businesses and asked if they were willing to donate to this cause in any way. Every single business that donates is recognized by the district and the community and very much appreciated for their generous donations.

Though this is challenging to coordinate, it is such a rewarding feeling when you get businesses to donate, to see the willingness to give back to CSL during these uncertain times, and gives us senators so much joy to be a part of this city. You know you’re doing good for the community, which is what Senate strives to do all year.

On top of raising money, every year this weeklong food drive brings in some healthy competition within the school and against our crosstown rivals. Each advisory class is given a BINGO board with items to bring in. Students are encouraged during the week by their senators to get a blackout and raise the most goods to win a prize. This incentive allows us to bring in as many goods as we can. There is also a donation drop-off bin in front of the school for the virtual students and for anyone in the community who wants to donate. At the end of the week senate counts every single item and delivers the goods to CSL personally.

The excitement and intensity grows all week for the football game against Blue Springs and Blue Springs South. Even though there is limited seating this year and the stands won't be full of all the chanting and cheering from the student sections, that won't stop us from rooting for our Wildcats to win. During halftime, we celebrate all the funds and goods raised all week from the community, and there isn't a better way to do that than watch some rivalry football.

This longtime tradition allows me to bring out my highly competitive side but also while leading my school to something bigger than our rivalry. Now more than ever our schools are being united not divided. Working toward a service project to help both Wildcats and Jags!