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2020 Girls Golfer of the Year: Jaguars' McVey vows to work harder

By Bill Althaus
Blue Springs South sophomore Maya McVey earned her first all-state honor this season and medaled in every tournament. She is The Examiner's 2020 Girls Golfer of the Year.

It was a year of satisfaction and success for Blue Springs South sophomore Maya McVey.

There was also a surprise or two thrown into the mix for The Examiner’s 2020 Girls Golfer of the Year.

When she was informed of the area’s top golfing honor, she grinned and said, “Oh, I am? I didn’t know there was a golfer of the year award. That’s cool – I like it.”

Talk about cool. When she steps on the course, she is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

McVey shot a fourth-place 79 at Hoots Hollow in Pleasant Hill to earn her second trip to the state tournament at Dalhousie Golf Course in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Maya McVey

Once she arrived at state, she shot a one-day 80 – as the tournament was cut short due to rain – and tied for 10th place, earning her first all-state medal.

“It was even more rewarding to go to state for a second time,” said McVey, who also made the trip as a freshman, “because that proves you’re a good golfer and deserve to go to state. I didn’t just want to go to state a second time, I wanted to earn a medal, and I was able to do that, which was really satisfying.”

McVey’s performance thrilled South coach Logan Moresi, who was all-state golfer herself for the Jaguars in 2005 and 2006 when she was known as Logan Thorp.

“Maya played great,” Moresi said. “Our first day was a rainout. She got through six and a half holes when they called it the first time. They had us come back out at 2 p.m., only to call it again after another four holes and declaring it a one-day tournament. 

“... She stuck it out though and finished with a solid 7-over and a beautiful chip-in for birdie on 18.”

McVey is the first South player since Plern Promboobpa in 2007 to earn all-state honors. 

“She’s a great golfer,” Moresi added, “and an even better young lady. And we have her two more years!”

Unlike many underclassmen who enjoy great success, McVey just recently started playing competitive golf.

“I played a lot as a kid, but I just started playing competitive golf a year ago,” said McVey, who medaled in every tournament she played in this season, including a fifth-place 84 in the Suburban Big Eight Conference Championships. “And I wasn’t that good or anything when I started, but I really liked it and started to work hard to become a better golfer.”

What began as a new and exciting part of her life is now her passion.

“I am very passionate about golf,” she said. “I love it. I love getting out on the course, taking a few practice swings to get in the right frame of mind and then going out and playing.

“I work hard, I’ve really developed muscle memory, so I feel pretty confident with all the parts of the game – but I’m still working on chipping and pitching. I’ve never been great, but I’m working to get better.

“And I’ll keep working, working hard. I want to go to state all four years, and get medals the next two years. And now that I know about your award, I’d like to win another player of the year award. Like I said, that was pretty cool.”

2020 All-Area Girls Golf


Avery Basler, fresh., St. Michael the Archangel — Class 1 all-state, 12th at Class 2 state (104-97–201); tie for 14th at Class 1 District 2 (102).

Katelyn Bragg, jr., Truman — Class 3 all-state, tie for 14th at Class 3 state (86-91–177); 10th at Class 3 District 4 (95); 2nd at Suburban Middle Six Championships (95).

Harrison Clemmons, soph., Lee's Summit North — Tie for 41st at Class 4 state (94); tie for 6th at Class 4 District 3 (86); 6th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (86).

Lauren Mack, soph., Blue Springs — Tie for 47th at Class 4 state (96); tie for 17th at Class 4 District 4 (100); 5th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (84).

Maya McVey, soph., Blue Springs South — Class 4 all-state, tie for 10th at Class 4 state (80); 4th at Class 4 District 3 (79); 3rd at Suburban Big Eight Championships (80); Examiner 2020 Girls Golfer of the Year.


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