Former Olympian Terin Humphrey launches new line of gymnastics clothing

Bill Althaus
The Examiner
GAGE gymnasts and U.S. Olympic women's gymnastics team alternates Kara Eaker, left, and Leanne Wong show off the new leotards designed by former GAGE and Olympic gymnast Terin Humphrey, center. Humphrey has her own gymnastics clothing line and looks to add "gym dad" wear soon.

Terin Humphrey was an “it girl” for USA Gymnastics in 2004. 

She sat next to star Nicolas Cage at the premier of his thriller “National Treasure,” in which he had to steal the Declaration of Independence to save it. 

Humphrey, who won an individual silver and team silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, told her mom and dad about her new Olympic-themed tattoo while being interviewed by late night icon Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.” 

And she went on to earn All-America status as star member of the University of Alabama gymnastics team. 

Today, she and her husband Uriah are the proud parents of 17-month-old Dani J, who just happened to start gymnastics classes last Saturday. 

She is no longer associated with USA Gymnastics, after parting ways in 2019 when she was a member of the USA Gymnastics selection committee and a USA Gymnastics athlete representative after critics said one of her Facebook comments condoned coaching abuse, She now works at a downtown Kansas City law office. 

GAGE gymnast and U.S. Olympic alternate Kara Eaker sports a Terin Humphrey designed leotard in national competition.

In her spare time, Humphrey hopes to be the new “it girl” of gymnastics leotards and clothing, as she recently introduced a new clothing line at 

It includes leotards for all ages, and will soon offer gym dad stuff, which brings a smile and giggle when she talks about it. 

“I work with a lady in Florida, and I come up with the ideas and she makes them come to life,” Humphrey said. “It’s been fun, but slow. 

“No one really expects to make much money the first few years, but we’re hanging in there and starting to get some attention.” 

Grain Valley High School graduate and GAGE gymnast Kara Eaker, an alternate for U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team who was the first athlete to test positive for COVID-19 in Tokyo, has worn Humphrey’s leotards in international competitions. 

“Kara and Leanne (Wong, another GAGE gymnast and Olympic alternate) have worn my leotards and told me they liked them,” said Humphrey, who has photos of the two gymnasts wearing her gear on her Facebook page. “I’ve worked a lot of Al’s (Fong) camps at GAGE and it’s so much fun to see everyone from the tiniest gymnasts to the elite girls wearing leotards from my line.” 

Humphrey got used to the glitter and glamour of the international gymnastics scene while representing her country. 

“The world of gymnastics is very competitive,” she said, “and so is the world of clothing. When I competed, I liked comfy over flashy, and my leotards are all comfortable.” 

And they range from star spangled USA red, white and blue, to a flamingo theme to “I heart Kansas City.” 

And what about that gym dad stuff? 

“It’s in the works,” she said, grinning. “I want to see all the gym dads wearing that and their little girls wearing our leotards.”