St. Louis County to limit youth sports amid virus outbreaks

Staff Writer
The Examiner

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis County will impose limits next week on youth sports amid coronavirus outbreaks among players, the county executive announced Thursday.

Teams will be banned from playing other teams, they'll be restricted to groups of 10 people or fewer, and spectators won't be allowed, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said.

Page said the county is imposing the restrictions because of outbreaks of coronavirus among young athletes.

"Because youth sports bring people together, the activities that surround these sports are fertile grounds for viral transmission," Page said. "Kids practice together, they play together, they socialize together, they hang out on the sidelines, people gather to watch."

He said getting outbreaks among youth athletes under control is also necessary to ensure options for in-class learning in K-12 schools are still available in the fall.

St. Louis officials also are considering whether to restore some restrictions to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.