Academic All-Star  Shauna Bauml is from St. Mary’s High School

Academic All-Star  Shauna Bauml is from St. Mary’s High School

Scholastic Honors: Valedictorian; member of the National Honor Society; selected as a Rotary Student of the Month and nominated for the St. Mary’s Student Athl ete Award.

High school and community activities: Member of the Student Council, the Spanish Club and the Spirit Club; volunteer at Wayside Waifs; member of the varsity volleyball and track and field teams and member of the Student Ministry Committee.

1 To what do you attribute your academic success?

I believe that if you work hard enough toward a goal and never stop trying, then anything is possible. I made a decision to always do my best at school and so with great effort that is what I have aspired for.

2 Who was your biggest influence on your studies?

My athletic coaches always pushed me to be a role model on and off the court. It was simple, bad grades equaled no sports.

3 What was your favorite activity in high school? Why?

My favorite activity in high school would have to be sports. Volleyball, basketball and track have always kept me busy. I have made some of my best memories from spending time with the team.

4 What college do you plan to attend and why?

Rockhurst University in Kansas City to play basketball and study nursing.

5 What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

I see myself working at a children’s hospital or traveling as a nurse. I also hope to be a coach myself one day and make a difference in children’s lives.