I would like to share several experiences that we had this past week with our 6-year-old grandson.

Good morning everyone.  I’m sitting here frantically trying to get an article written for this weekend. You see folks, I ran away from home; I got tired of this cold, rainy weather so Bill and I headed to Texas for sunshine, warmer weather and to see our grandson. Of course, the weather was sunny the entire time and we had temperatures in the upper 80s.  I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. While we were there I got to watch our grandson graduate from Kindergarten and watched him play in two tee ball games. I really don’t know where that week went, but I can tell you I really needed the warm weather, sunshine and the time with my family.

I would like to share several experiences that we had this past week with our 6-year-old grandson. On one occasion Bill, who is Papa to Cade, was out in the backyard watching Cade ride his bicycle when he jumps off the bicycle and starts playing what he called Army.  Papa looks at Cade and says, ‘if you are playing Army, you can’t be that loud and noisy.’ He looks at Papa and wants to know why not and of course the answer is if you are in the Army you must be very quiet so the enemy doesn’t hear you or know where you are.  Needless to say that answer triggered this response.  ‘Papa, were you in the Army?’ And of course Papa told him no that he was in the Navy.  Once he realized Papa was in the military, that he got the question, what war did you fight in, the response being Vietnam War.  Cade then wanted to know who the enemy was.  Papa then responded, the North Vietnamese Regulars and the Viet Cong.  Cade accepted that answer and wanted to know if he shot anyone and did he kill anyone?  Papa, realizing he was talking to a 6-year-old, didn’t want to answer the question totally honest but couldn’t lie to him either and told him that in war time you have to shoot at the enemy and many times there are several guys shooting at the enemy so you don’t know if you shot or killed the enemy or if another soldier did.  After this conversation, Bill was telling me about the conversation and we were both surprised at the questions of this young child and how inquisitive he truly is.  Folks, we were surprised at his interest and I think it’s very important that we teach our young folks the true history of this fine country and not just read about it in history books.  

 Later in the week Bill wanted to visit his mother’s gravesite.  Bill, our daughter, Cade and I pile in the car for the trip to the cemetery.  When we arrive we see the beautiful arrangement on the grave, he of course wants to know how it got there and who put it there.  Our daughter, Kim, answers that question and then we start looking around and he notices all the flowers on the graves and wants to know about all the other flowers on the graves.  Kim then explains its Memorial Holiday and a lot of people come to the grave of their loved one and put flowers on the grave as a remembrance of their loved one.  Cade then notices there are several American flags on the graves.  He of course then wants an explanation of the flags on the graves.  Kim quietly explains the flags are in memory of all the veterans that have served for this country.  

Cade then responds ‘there sure were a lot of veterans,’ and we know he is going by all the flags he sees and of course we knew this was just a drop in the bucket of the men and women that have died for this country but in his eyes he saw a lot and we just agreed.

I was touched by my grandson’s remarks this week, especially in the eyes of someone so young talking about the military and our veterans. Again I think we all need to do our part in educating our children and grandchildren, as these kids are our future and we need to educate them and inform them of the history as it truly was from the mouth of an actual veteran.     

 On our drive home we saw many flags being displayed for Memorial Day and I can’t emphasize enough please fly your flag and show the world you support our troops and veterans.  After all it’s because of these men and women that we get to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

I realize Memorial Day is usually a day for family gatherings, picnics and having fun and I think all of us should enjoy these events and have fun but please remember our troops who are busily defending our country and allowing us to participate in these fun events.  God bless the USA and talk to you soon.