To the editor:
I am writing to take issue with The Examiner for its less-than-expected endorsement of Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District race for Congress. Jacob Turk would be a much better choice for this seat, considering the contributions Cleaver has taken in light of the mess on Wall Street.

Cleaver sits on the powerful Financial Services Committee, which is supposed to be watching the financial institutions and companies that have made a mess of our economy. The contributions I speak of are from the very companies Cleaver is supposed to be watching. For us, in my opinion, this does not pass the smell test.

In this year of change, we need someone who will protect us and make sure our interests are being considered first. Jacob Turk is the only person who will watch out for us. Cleaver doesn’t deserve another term so he can get more money off the backs of all of us.

We need Turk. He is a voice for the little guy, he refuses PAC money, and he will only have the best interests of the common citizens at heart. So on Nov. 4, vote Jacob Turk for Congress. You’ll be glad you voted for change.