What film were the Chiefs watching when they made Dontari Poe their first pick? That’s the question every fan asked. Not exaggerating, but Kansas City taking Poe was a colossal jolt to the fan base.

What film were the Chiefs watching when they made Dontari Poe their first pick? That’s the question every fan asked. Not exaggerating, but Kansas City taking Poe was a colossal jolt to the fan base.

How traumatic? Boos were dominant as fans quickly left the Chiefs draft party. Bob Fescoe with 610 Sports Radio said it was the most upset he’d seen fans. Fans even thanked Herman Edwards for the players he drafted before he left.

Fans didn’t hold back with how they felt about Scott Pioli.

“Has any single Pioli pick been a standout,” asked one upset fan. “This includes coaches and players.”

What made this a surprise is how little Pioli and Romeo Crennel spoke of Poe. Pioli even made light of what Poe did at the combine. Crennel made comments last week hinting toward liking what the Chiefs had.

“We signed a young kid, Jerrell Powe, we’re gonna have to see how he’s gonna do,” Crennel said while talking with Fescoe and Josh Klingler on 610 Sports Radio. “Toribio is still here. Amon Gordon is still here. So then we’re going to look into this draft and see if there’s anything there.
And then there are still some free agents there. We might wait until after the draft to finalize that spot.”

To say that fans were blindsided is an understatement. Speechless was more like it.

To be fair, Poe seems like a nice guy. Like Tyson Jackson, it’s not Poe’s fault that he was taken with the Chiefs’ 11th overall pick. In Poe’s interview with the media he said his motivation is unlimited to prove people wrong. Poe knows people doubt him. Poe appreciates the opportunity Crennel and Pioli have given him. I’m sure he’ll play hard or do the best he can.

Good intentions, but it won’t protect Poe from how fans feel. Will his best be good enough? That’s what worries fans. No matter how Crennel sells it, Poe’s the gamble fans didn’t want.

Poe faces a mountain of criticism already. It’s just the way it is.

Here’s my problem. Players have to earn their spot, but isn’t round one about finding ability that makes a direct difference? It’s not about patching the jeans. Round one isn’t about projects, especially with the 11th pick.

Not even Crennel can honestly say the Chiefs got that with Poe. When the commentators talk about your team’s first pick with a hope-so attitude, it doesn’t give us confidence.

There was no warm fuzzy with Poe. Maybe a couple fans afterward talking people off the ledge with some positive, but this will be talked about until Poe proves what Crennel sees in him.

“I have never been this silent after seeing a Chief game/draft pick,” a fan said immediately after the pick. “Just wow!”

Fans were enamored with guard David DeCastro. He was the guy fans wanted most. DeCastro represented an opportunity to solidify the offensive line for seasons to come. Fans needed it, Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis could have dominated because of it, and Matt Cassel needs protection.

DeCastro wouldn’t just give Ryan Lilja competition like Pioli says, but take Lilja’s job outright.
DeCastro’s a shoe-in starter; few rookies will claim that in 2012. Fans wanted that potential multi-Pro Bowler with DeCastro.

When fans compared DeCastro to Poe, DeCastro was the no-brainer. Crennel says Poe was the definite one.

Fans were let down.

“Disappointed,” a fan said. “I hope Poe proves me wrong, very wrong!!!”

Poe’s another Pioli special that fans aren’t sold on. Tyson Jackson’s playing better. Cassel had a good season in 2010, but didn’t land it. Besides being great in the gym, fans have no clue about the Chiefs’ first pick.

We’ll see. Maybe with time, Poe will make more sense. Just maybe Crennel’s right when he says fans should be excited, too.

Up to this point fans have trusted Crennel. With the Poe pick are fans still committed to the Crennel journey? It’s time for the rubber to meet the road.

Good day, Chiefs fans!