To the editor:
I am looking forward to having another independent councilman representing the citizens of District 3 in Blue Springs. We have the opportunity with the forthcoming election to elect a person whose priorities are with first his constituents. I look forward to having another councilman for District 3 who understands revenue that pays our city’s bills comes from taxes paid by citizens out of their earned money. I am looking forward to having a councilman who will examine the money spent by our city knowing that money was collected from money we worked for. I am looking forward to another councilman who will not authorize such wasteful expenditures as our city’s giving more than $ 17,500 to support “educational material” for a commuter rail service without a budget, plan and in the end no material.

Michael Freeman comes before the voters in District 3 as one of us. He, like his neighbors, wants a better Blue Springs. He wants Blue Springs to do better than it has.
Michael Freeman thinks our economic development can be better along 7 Highway than liquor stores, tobacco shops, payday loans and tattoo shops. Michael Freeman believes all the citizens of District 3 deserve the same level of fire service coverage.

I believe by electing Michael Freeman to our City Council we will have a person who will represent the people of District 3 with honest stewardship of our money and his commitment to represent the people’s values who elected him.