An Independence woman, city officials, a church and a wireless communications company are trying to resolve what the woman says is a potential storm water run-off problem for her residence.

Gayle Rodriguez said a 75-foot wireless communication tower to be constructed close to her home near East 41st Street and Queens Ridge Drive may add to what she said is an already persistent problem of water run-off from an adjacent church property at 4000 Lee’s Summit Road. The T-Mobile USA tower is to be enclosed by an 8-foot vinyl fence.

The cross-shaped tower will be north of Interstate 70, south of East 39th Street and west of Lee’s Summit Road, immediately north of the parking lot of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. A 7-foot concrete sidewalk will be constructed, extending north from the parking lot.

“I’m affected by the water run-off from the church,” Rodriguez said. “Any development of that property is going to make it worse. (Church officials) say that it won’t affect me, but they said that about the parking lot.”

Rodriguez said a wall on her property to keep away water from a neighboring house will not withstand the impact of the development of the tower. Water run-off from the church’s parking lot has already caused the wall to deteriorate, Rodriguez said.

“This is the home I grew up in,” she said. “I know what amount of water that was coming down before. It’s not like I just bought the home or something.”

The Rev. Patrica Miller of St. Michael’s said the church is aware of Rodriguez’ concern and has talked to her extensively. The church built a retaining wall more than 10 years ago, she said.

“We try to be good neighbors,” Miller said, adding that the church has in the last year built a 3-foot rain garden/berm on its property and that the property is full -enclosed. “The city has inspected the site twice and told her that there is no run-off.”

Rodriguez attended last week’s City Council meeting to voice her concerns but didn’t present them to the council. She did, however, get a chance to show pictures of the run-off problem to council members as they discussed a zoning map amendment allowing construction of the tower.

City Manager Robert Heacock said a consultant determined the potential water run-off to property would be minimal. The council approved the amendment.

“I think from a project evaluation point of view, it is not a major run-off,” Heacock said. “I don’t see that based on staff review we should hold up the application.”

“(Rodriguez) has complained in the past, and it really has nothing to do with the tower,” said Selective Site representative Robert Herlihy. “From what I understand – and the city agrees – is that it is a city-related problem.”

Rodriguez said she has no problem with T-Mobile or its representatives.

“T-Mobile has been very helpful,” Rodriguez said. “More so than the church and more so than the city in that they have at least made an effort to help the situation. They are kind of stuck in the middle.”

Miller said the tower will not cause problems to Rodriguez’ property.

“There should be no additional run-off generated from the tower,” Miller said. “We’ve done absolutely everything we know to do” to prevent it.

Heacock suggested to the council that staff would report back soon on a possible resolution. Council members agreed that all parties should sit down and address the situation.

“I was on the Planning Commission when this came through,” for approval, said Council Member Myron Paris. “I would like to get something done on this to alleviate the problem.”

Rodriguez said she is open to a meeting of the minds.

“I would like to see T-Mobile, the church and the city get together and fix the water problem,” she said. “A sewer system would be good. If any other developer came into this property, they would be required to put in storm water retention.”