New GM needs to come outside of the organization

Like many in the Kansas City area, I was taken a little offguard when Chiefs general manager and president Carl Peterson was relieved of his duties.
Knowing Peterson intended to stay only one more year, I would not have been shocked at all if he had stayed.
But it was the right decision.
The infamous “five-year plan” of getting the Chiefs to the Super Bowl is now going on 20. I remember the last Chiefs playoff win, although barely.
Ironically enough, that win came about five years into the Peterson regime. The Chiefs got a win away from the Super Bowl that year, falling to Buffalo in the AFC Championship game.
This column isn’t to roast Peterson. That’s been done by many more venomous than I. While Peterson had his flaws, part of the reason fans hated him was because there was actually hope in Kansas City in the 90s for a good football team.
Heck, there WAS a good football team here that seemed to underachieve regardless of who the coach was.
And before Peterson, Arrowhead Stadium was a ghost town and the most relevant question for fans was who should be the quarterback, Todd Blackledge or Bill Kenney.
Sad times indeed.
The Chiefs, unfortunately, are now back to where they were before Peterson got here. A two-win season seems likely, unless they can beat Cincinnati this weekend. Another top-five draft pick is on its way in April.
Now is the time for the Chiefs to make a bold move.
In the past, the Chiefs would bring in someone like Terry Bradway, the GM for the Jets, to be the new general manager.
He has ties to the organization. Has ties with Herm Edwards.
That’s exactly why he’s the wrong guy for the job.
Those “ties” are exactly why Marty Schottenheimer is the wrong guy for the job, regardless of what all the fans think.
The best choice for this job is New England GM Scott Pioli. And if you can’t get him, find someone else who has no ties to this organization.
This whole thing needs to be blown up and blown up in a big way. There are big contracts to get rid of. There are serious player evaluations to be done.
These need to be done by someone who has no sentimental ties to helping bring anyone to this team.
Part of Peterson’s problem as a general manager was he appeared to play favorites. Some players received more attention and more leeway in contract negotiations than others.
That’s part of why Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson are still here and Jared Allen isn’t.
Please Clark Hunt, do the right thing.
Bring someone in from the outside who knows a thing or two about winning.
Bring someone in from another franchise who has a history of winning.
For the sanity of fans, bring someone in who has a history of developing a quarterback.
This move happened about three years too late, at least. But the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons have shown this year that big turnarounds are possible. The Chiefs are not dead yet.
They just need the right doctor. And in this case, it’s one who can come in and right this ship and has no ties to the past.
It’s time to look to the future. And with the right person, the future is bright indeed at Arrowhead.