The Department of Revenue recently received a report that a citizen got a call from someone who represented himself as “representing the state of Missouri.” The caller said he had an “income tax rebate” for the citizen, but that he would need the citizen’s credit card number and expiration date to complete the transaction.

The department stresses that none of its employees will ever contact Missouri taxpayers to ask for credit card or debit card numbers.

“No employee of the Missouri Department of Revenue will ever contact someone to get a person’s credit card number to process an income tax refund,” said Alana M. Barragán-Scott, the Department’s director. “Scam artists sometimes falsely represent themselves as agents of the government in an attempt to get people’s confidential financial information. The Department urges citizens to ignore these dishonest, would-be thieves.”

Anyone with questions about tax refunds can call the Department of Revenue at 573-751-3505 or email the Department at