Students at Creative World in Blue Springs point to the Tooth Wizard, John Shulz, left, as he sneaks behind Plaque Man Cliff Turner with a very large toothbrush as part of a “Land of Smiles” presentation by Delta Dental to teach kids about good dental hygiene. Turner said that they try to get the children excited about about proper dental hygiene so that they will be interested in learning more to prevent tooth decay. A video of the performance as well as activity sheets can be found at



320+  - Schools in Missouri where the performance will be given

73,000 - Students who watch the program, each of whom receives a Healthy Smile
“Certoothicate” and a dental goodie bag.

0 - Dollars participating schools are charged for the program.

35 -  Percentage of Delta Dental’s outreach budget spent on the “Land of Smiles” program.