Independence Mayor Don Reimal is expressing about a “senior census” going out in the mail that some people might confuse for the federal census that kicks off in a few weeks.

A Maryland-based group called Civic Council has sent a mailing about a “2010 Census of Senior Citizens” with official looking elements such as a “voter identification number” and a request to return the item within 10 days. Beyond that, it appears to be an ordinary interest-group mailing with a promise to use the information to “plan and develop our strategy for protecting Senior Citizens” and a promise to forward seniors’ concerns to leaders in Washington, D.C.

Reimal, who is on the state’s Complete Count Committee, says the mailing could confuse some seniors.

“And when the actual paperwork comes (for the federal census), they’ll say, ‘I’ve already filled this out,’” he said.

Reimal and others have stressed the importance of an accurate and complete census this spring. Missouri, for example, is close to losing a seat in Congress if enough other states have grown more that it has in the last decade.