To the editor:

I recall very clearly that our new president campaigned saying he would examine the budget line by line to weed out unnecessary spending. I realize the new, improved Liberal Porkorama Package, excuse me, the new urgently needed stimulus package is not the budget. But why not look at it carefully too, after all $850 billion is bigger than the whole national budget during most of our history.

Yet I see Robert Gibbs, the new White House press secretary, is saying about this idea “we can’t be expected to weed out all the silly spending, we can’t afford to wait, we have to act” when asked about $500 million funding for smoking-cessation programs. Gee, this appears more and more like the same old politics we’ve seen for as long as I can remember.

I have found it to be a good policy to walk away from any deal that is only available if I sign up right now. I think the stimulus package is an example of this on a national scale.