Have you noticed the rise in general bleating about civil and/or human rights apparent infractions in this great country of ours of late?

Have you noticed the rise in general bleating about civil and/or human rights apparent infractions in this great country of ours of late?

I’d like to give a brief lesson to these bleaters so as to set them back on the path of basic common sense from whence they have obviously greatly strayed.

Human rights, per se, are a group of guidelines issued internationally by the United  Nations, civil rights, on the other hand as they pertain to us, are a group of guidelines issued domestically, but they basically add up to the same thing.

For instance, Human Right Numero Uno reads:  All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.  

Now you see right there, this leaves itself wide open to single children, and dare I say it, women to have a good gripe.  But common sense here will tell you that the term “brotherhood,” although appearing so on the surface, is not a sexist term.   

Number two tells us that everyone is entitled to their own religion, color of skin, political preference, country in which to live and so on.

Three gives us life and liberty. Four says no to slavery, five gives a big no-no to torture, cruelty or degradation.  Six gives us the recognition to be seen as a person before the law, seven gives us the protection of the law, eight allows us the right to our justifiable bleats being heard in a court of law.

Nine  says we can’t be arbitrarily arrested, 10 gives us a fair trial if we are arrested. And so on.

 Basically it says we’re all free to do whatever we want so long as we don’t break the law and we’re kind to each other, and we don’t force our own beliefs down unwilling throats.

 I have absolutely no doubt that there are grave violations of these rights in the likes of Darfur, Ethiopia, Iran, Uganda and more. We’ve all heard of the terrible iniquities carried out daily, of women being denied the right to an education, of children being maimed so they can legitimately beg, of men being executed for refusing to wear a beard.

Now they are all true violations. No doubt.

So I really do wish Americans would stop pulling the “it’s a violation of my human rights” when they can’t get a $700,000 housing loan when they have not a prayer of making the first payment, let alone ever paying it back.

I no longer want to hear about your rights being dismantled because you were caught shoplifting but felt you weren’t hugged enough as a child.

Like the so called church, using the smallest ‘c’ I can find, who finds it all terribly justifiable to exercise its human rights to demonstrate the wages of sin for homosexuality at any given military funeral.

This is vile. It’s nasty. It’s disrespectful and it’s just wrong.  Nobody is making anybody do the horizontal folk dance with you, so please – bugger off and leave those who are grieving to grieve in peace.

If I was tremendously religious I just know that the Greater Power is up there right now fitting every one of you for horns, a trident and a nice red suit.

The term “mischievous” has a certain overtone of imps frolicking through the forest, of small nymphs having a bit of a lark. So I take a wee bit of exception to its use when it comes to the crumb bums who file “mischievous” suits as if it was all a bit of a game.  

The one that really got up my hooter was the assertion that Americans were violating human rights with the immigration laws in Arizona, as bleated by the president of Mexico. Mexico, where if you are an illegal alien you are immediately jailed and if you’re lucky deported back from whence you came.

After all, I have been an “alien.” I went through all the hoops to become unalienized. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap, but I did want to live my life in this country on the up and up and to be able to enjoy everything it has to offer, and to have the tremendous privilege of voting so I could have my teeny tiny say in what I thought could do with a tweak or two.

I apologize if you’re pulled over just because of your apparent ethnicity. But if you’re here legitimately, you too should be cross if your hard-earned dollars were going to support those of your birth-country who aren’t.

I’m dreadfully sorry if you feel hardly done by if you’re eyed by the authorities because you have a one way ticket, no luggage, a book of your chosen religion in your hand, and a bit of suspicious string coming out of your sneakers or your tidy whities. We’re not violating your human rights – you are trying, possibly, to violate ours. If you indeed weren’t – so sorry.

Human rights boils down to ‘be nice, be fair and show respect.’   

See, our moms were always right, weren’t they?