This isn’t your typical fundraiser.

This isn’t your typical fundraiser.

It involves two nonprofit organizations, one of which that deals with ghost hunting and another that addresses child abuse and neglect.

Supernatural Solutions, based in Independence, and the Child Abuse Prevention Association, will hold a Bingo fundraiser at 7 p.m. tonight at the American Legion Post 499  in Blue Springs.

Tiffany Black, founder of Supernatural Solutions, said the event is meant to raise money for the group so they can purchase the necessary equipment and expenses for the group.

CAPA also will be in attendance, passing out information about the organization.

In some ways, the two groups are linked.

“There are a lot of organizations out there like us who do it for themselves, but we’re more about helping a family,” Black said.

At least once a month, Black said the group is contacted by someone in the area concerned that their home may be haunted, or if it isn’t haunted there is some element about it that is causing concern among family members.

“We had a woman call us recently who moved into a home with her children and she was concerned that there were elements in the home,” Black said. “And there are people near the home who swear there is something there.”

All investigations by the group are free.

The event begins tonight at 7 p.m. Cost is $2 per bingo card. Raffle prizes include ghost hunter beginner kits (which include EMF detector, LED flashlight, a glow in the dark shirt and more); and gift cards to the Courthouse Exchange restaurant and Cafe Verona and others.

A snack bar will be in offered as well.

Visit or for more information about the organizations.