One of the stories I want to tell you about is the lap quilts. I told you Pauline, who is 92 years old, has been busily making the quilts for our disabled veterans.

Good morning everyone!  I hope you have a good day and it’s off to a good start. You look outside and you can see the sunshine and hear birds chirping and nature seems to be quite busy.  What more could one really ask for. There is so much to tell you about again this week after all I am known as Chatty Kathy.

One of the stories I want to tell you about is the lap quilts. I told you Pauline, who is 92 years old, has been busily making the quilts for our disabled veterans. Pauline in a short time has made over a dozen and wanted to know if the veterans would like them and if they were the right size. Folks if you see the lap quilts they are beautiful, any of us would love to have one.

Anyway, Bill is taking the box of lap quilts to the VA Hospital and walking towards the building when a veteran in a wheelchair whose leg had been amputated sees the box and starts talking to Bill and wants to know what he has in the box. Bill, realizing what the lap quilts are for, instantly tells the gentleman about Pauline and making the lap quilts and the gentleman sees them and says I would like to have one.

Bill tells him pick out the one you want and it’s yours that is what they are for.  I am so sorry I wasn’t with Bill that day I would have loved to be part of that special moment.  Again thanks Pauline, you have already pleased one disabled veteran and I know there will be many more.  Pauline, I know you haven’t been feeling well, I hope you are better soon.

As you well know, I like garage sales.  I have attended many garage sales and folks I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in lowing prices to help us with the materials for the lap quilts as well as the stuffed animals. Many of you generous folks have either donated stuffed animals or given me the stuffed animals for almost nothing. I am pleased to tell you last week I took all of the generous gifts, I didn’t count them but I know we delivered over 100 animals to the Independence Police Department to assist with abused and battered children. The Police Department wears many hats and these kind folks were very appreciative of the gift and the stuffed animals will be put to good use.  

Can you believe it’s almost July, where oh where has the year gone?  In several weeks we will be celebrating the 4th of July. America celebrates July 4 as Independence Day because it was on July 4, 1776, that members of the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. Following its adoption the declaration was read in public places in various American cities and in the following year the fourth was celebrated when bells were rung, guns fired, candles lighted and firecrackers set off. In 1941, Congress declared July 4 as a federal holiday. Over time, various other summertime activities have been associated with the Fourth of July, including historical pageants, picnics, baseball games, watermelon-eating contests, and trips to the beach. Many common foods associated with this holiday are hot dogs, hamburgers, and corn on the cob, apple pie, watermelon and cole slaw. I know many of us have created our own family traditions. Many of us think of the Fourth as a having a good time and having family gatherings. We all should enjoy these memories and should spend time with our families and friends, but in the same turn we should never forget the price our men and women paid for our freedom. Many of our veterans are still suffering from their injuries and will continue to for many years.  Make this a special year and add flying your American Flag as a tribute to our country, veterans and our military staff.

I realize fireworks are an important aspect of the Fourth, I must admit I am probably the biggest lover of fireworks. Throughout the years I have asked Bill to take me to see fireworks. It wasn’t until recently I learned that many of our veterans hate fireworks – the noise absolutely startles them and sometimes brings back memories of the past. I had no idea the noise bothered him and many veterans and that fireworks was always attended because of me.

You see many of our brave guys suffer from Post Traumatic Stress which in many cases is a result of wartime. I have been lucky as he has told me he doesn’t mind the fireworks when he knows they are coming but the surprise of the noise will send him in orbit. I realize with the holiday coming up soon, possibly many of you should be aware many of our veterans and military don’t appreciate the loud noises and please listen to what your veteran is saying. Fortunately, I’m lucky my guy can watch them with me but again it’s the element of surprise that is difficult to handle.  

I want to let you know that due to life changing constantly I need to slow down writing my articles.  I hope to write articles occasionally but for now I need to stop writing and devote more time to my family and our veterans and I hope to talk to you soon.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and please remember to thank a veteran or our current military staff and fly your American Flag. God bless the USA.