To the editor:
I wanted to thank the people of Independence for helping return my dog. While moving a few days ago, Barney jumped a fence and took off.

My roommate and I spent hours looking for him – knocking on doors, stopping pedestrians, posting on Facebook and Craigslist – and at every turn, people wanted to help us find our dog. If people hadn’t seen him, they promised to look out for him, and those who had spotted our boy told us they would grab him if they could. One woman from the Independence school district even gave us a pad of paper so we could hand out our numbers. People also called with sightings of a big, golden dog. At every encounter, people wished us luck and promised to help, so I wanted to thank each and every one of you.

I especially want to thank the family that saw him cross 23rd Street and get nicked by a car – Barney is doing much better and should be up for a walk to come thank you himself soon. My greatest thanks goes out to Jon, who showed up with Barney riding shotgun in his truck after our dog tried to crash a birthday party. Thank you. My handsome, golden mutt is home, and the fabulous people of Independence all played a part, so thank you all.