W. Ramsey

Lee’s Summit

To the editor:

Since when does an honored teacher of the year nominee endorse gambling in Missouri? Is this part of the education of the young students?

Of all the funds the education system receives, does it have to endorse doing away with the loss limit of $500 to promote more gambling?

Who are the A Coalition in St Louis? Where are the funds coming from for the advertising? Is it from the Missouri school system or the gambling industry? Their advertisement does not list a phone number.

There would not be as many people gambling if the boats were not there in the first place.

Did you like the advertising? It started out stating it was not encouraging gambling. After passage of a boat gambling bill, it was for fun. Now it was for the family. Now is it for enlightening the young to gamble?

Everyone should ignore the next step taken to bring more revenue to the gambling industry. If you want to finance the schools, give your bet directly to the school system instead of sending the money out of state.