There are several academic benefits to taking part in high school sports

I wrote last week about outside sources being a threat to high school athletes. This week I would like to stress the increased responsibility of the high school coach to protect the academic integrity of the student athlete.
I located an article entitled, “No Athlete Left Behind: An Athletic Academic Support Program” which was written by Kathy Wieskamp and was published in the summer 2008 edition of the Interscholastic Athletic Administration. The article lists reasons for a coach to develop an academic support program.
The following are benefits the author felt would be gained.
n Increased student achievement – High school student athletes are held accountable to high academic standards and receive the necessary help and support to be successful and excel in academics.
n Increased academic confidence – Students will feel more confident with the support from coaches and teachers.
n Athletes maintain eligibility – By being proactive and staying on top of grades, students keep themselves in good academic standing.
n Students receive the help they need – Having coaches guide students to an individual teacher to make arrangements for help in specific courses provides them with the help necessary to make improvements.
n Increased communication between students and teachers – Frequent grade checks will help everyone keep on top of the student athlete’s progress.
n Teachers gain a greater appreciation of coaches – Teachers appreciate when coaches do not forget the student part of student athlete.
n Parents supporting coaches – Parents appreciate the fact that coaches care about their children and that academics are on the list of priorities for coaches.
n Increased parent and coach communication – The challenge of communication is open between parent and coach about an academic program.
n Building trust between coaches – Coaches work for each other and their programs by helping the athletes remain academically eligible.
n Increased communication between coaches – This helps all coaches to understand the student athlete from one season to the next. It also promotes discussions concerning the athletes and can provide an opportunity to share effective motivational strategies for individual athletes.
This was a great article which clearly illustrates the opportunity a coach can have to be a positive influence in a student athlete’s academic life.
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n My quote of the day is from Henry L Doherty, American Industrialist, “A great business success was probably never attained by chasing the dollars, but is due to pride in one’s work – the pride that makes business an art.”