Kathrine Wallace

To the editor:

This is a vote of confidence to Jim Engelman, candidate for the Independence City Council, District 2.

I heartily endorse his qualifications to hold this seat to which he was appointed. He truly wants to be a representative of the people. He brings a unique perspective to our council, and his objective is always to consider the concerns of the people and make opportunities to help all. He loves Independence, and he has the ability to see answers that others might not have considered.

Before he was appointed to the council, he attended council meetings for several months in order to observe the workings of the council and become more acquainted with the ways its decisions can help the people. During that time, he was a volunteer on the Citizens Personnel Board. I respect him for his desire and willingness to get involved and be helpful in issues that others might want to avoid.

Engelman’s character is above reproach. He is tenacious in holding fast to truth, and he has a marvelous talent for sorting out what is the best from what is just good or average. Our community will benefit greatly if he is elected.