WWII Navy,

served August 1943 to May 1946

Lyn Crowley received his degree in engineering and was sent to government engineering class, and was then assigned to LSM 140 as engineering officer. His ship made an invasion on Iwo Jima where, in a seven-minute time frame, one officer was killed, one wounded, and 11 casualties occurred. His ship did not fire a single shot. His second trip to the beach was at the time of the raising of the first and second flags on Mount Suribachi.

Lyn remembers the spontaneous reaction from the ships at sea, horns, whistles. and shouting from the Marines on the captured enemy territory at the raising of the United States flag.

The LSM 140 made a total of 19 trips with loads from cargo ships to the beach or off-loading Marines, equipment, and supplies from the beach to ships. There were periods of time that they were maneuvering in open sea during kamikaze and bombing attacks. Soon the 140 suffered damage and was sent back to the States for repair.

Lyn is  a long-standing member of the Harry S Truman Appreciation Society and has lived in Independence with his wife since 1956.

Lyn's military history can be viewed at the Veterans Hall in the Independence Parks and Recreation Truman Memorial Building at 416 W. Maple.