Turning on the television or radio these days and listening to political advertisements can be a frustrating experience, yet there are positive things happening in our town. The up-and-down news from Wall Street might be disheartening, but when you look around Blue Springs there are glimmers of hope to be seen almost everywhere.

Locally, we see evidence of a down housing market and housing developments moving forward more slowly than planned. But last week one of my employees reported finding a great deal on a new home and deciding to purchase it. In these challenging times there are still opportunities to be found.

Retail developments that were set in motion over the last couple of years continue to move forward. While there remain empty storefronts to fill, new businesses are interested in locating in our city. The latest list of tenants for Adams Dairy Landing includes Target, Lowe’s, Books-A-Million and Kohl’s. Those stores will provide us with additional shopping opportunities when they are completed next year, and road improvements surrounding Adams Dairy Landing continue to move forward. The shops at Coronado Place across from Wal-Mart and Home Depot are filling up rapidly. National Tire and Battery recently opened, and Panda Express is soon to follow.

For those of us who work in Blue Springs, our restaurants are busy at lunch time. More choices are giving us the opportunity to stay in town for lunch and add variety to our dining options. Our local workforce is growing, with much more to come.

Are these signs of a turnaround in our local economy? It is still too early to tell, but one thing is certain. When the economy turns around, our city is well positioned to meet the needs of new and existing businesses and support positive growth for our community.

I challenge our city leaders to continue to promote positive improvements for our city. Investing in our city while prices are low is a smart strategy. There is no better time to encourage the redevelopment of blighted properties, invest in our downtown and encourage appropriate commercial development.

Our leaders need your encouragement to know you want to see continued improvements. They need to know we support their efforts as they make hard decisions that will move our city forward.

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Also, remember to go to the polls on Nov. 4 and vote!