The Cutting Edge

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Jackie!

I am so excited to be involved with another great part of The Examiner. We have been wishing, dreaming, brainstorming and planning this one, for a while. My column, The Cutting Edge, will offer beauty, and fashion information that you might find helpful. There will also be useful and time saving tips and tricks.

When possible, we will have a coordinating, how-to (or how-not-to) video on the Web site, making this column a bit interactive. This is the reason for the column title, The Cutting Edge. I really hope you enjoy it. Now for some of the aforementioned info...

November is a month for readying. We prepare for the holidays, and in general for winter. From baking to closet organizing, and my personal favorite, Christmas shopping. Here are a few ideas to adjust your beauty routine for the colder months.

When the temperature changes, our bodies react differently to the cooler climate, so there is a need to change your regular beauty regimen to your skin and hair and keep them healthy. Remember, the cold weather means indoor heating, which can have a drying affect on your skin. To get the best results, here are some ideas.

n Avoid baths and showers that are too hot, and cool the water before you get out. Your skin will retain more moisture and the temperature shock won’t be as bad, when you are done.

n Keep a spray bottle with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil in it and spray your body before you get out of the bath or shower, don’t rinse it off, just pat dry for incredibly soft skin. I would suggest lavender oil for a soothing aromatherapy effect, or peppermint oil if you need a pick-me-up. Or you can just use almond or olive oil if you choose. Just remember not to over do it. Too much can make you and your shower slippery.

n Switch to a heavier moisturizing cream for the hydration your skin craves. If you add the moisturizer while your face is still wet, you will lock in that moisture, too!

n Get plenty of sleep so you can wake up refreshed and put your best face forward (tee hee).

n Exfoliate your face and body with your favorite exfoliant to keep it smooth. To remove any unwanted dry skin off of your lips, you can ex foliate them with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. Add a dab of Vaseline to protect them. I prefer a vitamin E lip conditioner.

Not only does your skin tend to dry out during the winter so does your hair. Pay special attention to your hair needs do some damage control with a deep conditioner if you notice it drying out. Have your stylist recommend an appropriate regimen for your at home hair care, as well as what treatments you can have done in salon. Wash your hair when it is dirty, don’t over do it. For a quick fix, apply a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture and shine.

Blow dryers and irons will dry out your hair, so be cautious with them as well. Using a humidifier in your home will also help to keep your skin moist and beautiful.

I hope you give some of these tips a try this winter. I think you will find that they are useful and practical.

Have a great November!

Mary Costanzo-Schwaller