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It’s that time of year again, Halloween! It has become sort of a tradition for me to subject my guys to a scary makeup session this time of year, just to prove that you don’t have to be a great costume designer so your kids can trick-or-treat. Using make-up instead of a mask is a safe and possible cheaper way to get your kids ready for Halloween.

    Before you slap on a lot of make-up you should consider skin allergies. Try a bit of the makeup you will use a few days before on the wrist or arm to test for sensitivities. If you are using store purchased make-up, read the instructions and follow directions. Avoid getting any make-up in or too close to your eyes. If your little one has allergies, only use make-up that is approved by your government safety standards. Do not put anything on your face that is not intended for use on skin.

Remove all make-up after the party is over. Do not go to bed with make-up on your skin. Get your parents to help you remove your make-up. Enough with the safety stuff let’s get to the cool tricks! This year I offer two looks. One is an old guy look and the other is a camo look. What a hoot!

Look like an old guy…

It's always fun to dress up like an old person. To start apply a base makeup to the face and neck. Now, have your kiddo scrunch up their face into giant wrinkle, and make squinty eyes. Use makeup that is lighter than your natural color; avoid the creases. Once that is done, have them relax their face. Where you see creases, use a soft, light brown eyeliner pencil to fill in the creases. Remember the crow’s feet by your eyes, and the worry furrows on the forehead! You can even add liver spots with the eyeliner pencil (yuk!) I used makeup that was a dry powder foundation, to add a dry pasty look.

You can use the same technique on your hands. For gray hair, dust baby powder into your hair. I used a white temporary spray this year. It worked really well.

Camo Joe…

For this look, I used a camo kit right from one of the Halloween stores. I started with a brown and a made odd shapes as you can see in the picture. Then onto yellow, green and finally I used a black grease paint crayon to define the shapes. My son loved it!

All of the makeup and sprays washed off fairly well. If you have trouble, try cold cream. The base of the cream should slide it all off.

I would like to offer a special “Thanks” two my two favorite Halloween models! Have a safe, safe, Halloween and a beautiful day!